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What is a Lighthouse?

What Lighthouses Look Like

Lighthouse Lights

Lighthouse History

Barnegat Lighthouse

Cape May Lighthouse

East Point Lighthouse

Hereford Inlet Lighthouse

Little Egg Harbor (Tucker's Island)

Miah Maull Shoal

Navesink Light (Twin Lights)

Passaic and Bergen Point Lighthouses

Sandy Hook Lighthouse

Sea Girt Lighthouse



Coloring Book Pages (pdf):

Jaypeg Does the Cape May Lighthouse Windows

Zeero Runs the Lighthouse

Lighthouse Lights
August 2002

Every lighthouse has a unique light. The lights may be different colors, flash for different periods of time, or remain solid. The light pattern is called the characteristic. The Cape May Lighthouse characteristic is a flash once every 15 seconds. lighthouse light photo

The lights don’t flash; they only look like they do. Lights are placed on something like a spinning table. As a light spins to the back of the lighthouse, it looks like it shut off. When it spins to the front, ships can see the light again. The amount of time a light is on or off can be changed by changing the speed of the table.

One of the most powerful lenses is the Fresnel lens (pronounced Frey-nel). It was invented in 1822. It looks like a large glass beehive. The Fresnel lens reflects light from a source (like a candle), focuses it to one spot, and sends out a beam.
lighthouse light photo

There are seven levels (called orders) of Fresnel lenses. The closer the source, the further the light shines. An order 1 lens is the closest. A light shines more than 20 miles using an order 1 lens.

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