Food and Drug Safety

The Food and Drug Safety Program regulates food, drug, and cosmetic safety and provides information to consumers and the regulated industry. Major activities include:

  • License and inspect wholesale food, milk, and shellfish establishments
  • Enforce food safety laws
  • Provide consumer information
  • Issue Public Health Advisories
  • Assist in the investigation of foodborne outbreaks
  • Issue export certificates
  • Register wholesalers and manufacturers of prescription/non-prescription drugs, medical devices, and medical gases


 Qualified Facility Attestation

A business that meets the definition of a “qualified facility” is subject to modified requirements of the preventive controls rules. These modified requirements can be met by submitting a form to FDA, attesting to the business’s status as a qualified facility and attesting that the facility is implementing preventive controls to address hazards associated with its food or is in compliance with non-Federal food safety laws and regulations. Starting October 1, 2018, facilities will be able to submit the qualified facility attestation forms electronically at via the Qualified Facility Attestation Module. Please note that facilities must have a valid food facility registration to submit their attestation. Visit the FDA website for additional information.

Last Reviewed: 11/21/2018