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Application Payments

How to pay for your permit or penalty via e-check or credit card:

Online payment alone is insufficient for the application or renewal of any license or registration. The completed, signed application form is required to be emailed with proof of online payment. Your submission will not be valid until the completed application with signature has been received by this office.

  1. Fill out the application form in its entirety. Include a signature.

  2. Click the payment link below that corresponds to the type of application for which you would like to submit payment.

  3. Have your completed application form ready. You will be prompted to enter the payment amount as defined on your application form.

  4. Each permit number must be paid by a separate transaction. A single payment may not be used to pay for multiple licenses.

  5. Copy the payment confirmation number or look for the confirmation e-mail you received as proof of payment.

  6. Prepare an email to the email address below that corresponds to your application. Attach your completed application form and include the payment confirmation number.


Youth Camp, Single Sport Youth Camp

Youth Camp Operators: The Program is currently planning for the upcoming 2021 summer camp season. At this time the youth camp application form is under revision and cannot be submitted. These revisions are necessary to update the information on the application and to assist in streamlining the submittal to the Department. The revisions should be completed in the next few weeks. The youth camp website will be updated with the new application once it’s finalized.

Although Executive Order 149 remains in effect for the operation of youth camps, the Program anticipates changes for the upcoming season. The Program is reviewing the Youth Camp COVID Standards in anticipation for the resumption of overnight camps as well as any revisions to reflect current Executive Order requirements. Any new information and updates to the guidance or Executive Order will be posted on our website.

Thank you for your patience and we look forward to a fun and healthy 2021 youth camp season!



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Last Reviewed: 3/4/2021