State Health Improvement Plan

The New Jersey Department of Health will use data and feedback collected during and after the 2019-2020 Coronavirus Pandemic response to update the SHIP with strategic priorities that will continue to facilitate change in population health policy and long-term behavior.

Healthy New Jersey 2020 (HNJ2020) is the foundation for New Jersey’s State Health Improvement Plan (SHIP), which uses data from the State Health Assessment and extensive stakeholder collaboration to build a set of priority areas, cross-cutting goals, objectives, and actions for improving the health of all New Jersey residents.

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Table of Contents Page
Background 7
Health Equity 10
Action Plans 13
Health Equity 13
Birth Outcomes 17
Mental Health and Substance Use 30
Nutrition, Physical Activity, and Chronic Disease Prevention 41
Immunization 50
Aligning State and Community Health Improvement Planning 54
Next Steps 57
Appendices - Focus Group Summaries 59

Share A Comment - The SHIP is designed to be a living document that is monitored and updated over time.  The New Jersey Department of Health welcomes comments and suggestions from the public on any aspect of the SHIP. 

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Last Reviewed: 4/20/2020