eWIC for Vendors

The New Jersey WIC Program will be transitioning from issuing paper checks to using eWIC cards. eWIC replaces paper checks with an online card for food benefit issuance and automatic redemption.

Vendors, get ready for the state staff to “hit the ground running” to help support you during the eWIC transition.

Here are some facts that may help answer your eWIC related questions.

  • What is eWIC for Vendors
    • An electronic system that replaces paper checks with an online card for food benefit issuance and automatic redemption at New Jersey WIC authorized vendors.
    • The New Jersey WIC State Agency and the New Jersey eWIC processor, Solutran, will be reaching out to you to assess your readiness to process eWIC transactions.


  • Vendor eWIC webinars and notifications
    • During this transition, the WIC State Agency will be having a series of webinars to keep you updated on the progress of eWIC.
    • As the WIC State Agency continues to move forward with eWIC activities, all NJ WIC Authorized vendors will be updated with information by way of “eWIC News” messages monthly. These notifications will be sent to all NJ WIC authorized vendors to the email address you provided. You must ensure your contact information remains up to date. To report changes to your contact information, send an email to NJ.WICVendor@doh.nj.gov
    • Most recent webinar presentations can be found below:


  • Types of POS systems:
    • What is an ECR System?
      • Electronic Cash Register (ECR) System - A system used in retail stores to perform transactions. A typical ECR is composed of various component parts and may be networked to a central server maintained at the store or in another location for the chain. The system electronically scans items for purchase, obtains the UPC and price for the item, adds the item to the cash register receipt, and totals the entire purchase to arrive at a purchase total.
    • What is an integrated ECR (cash register)?
      • A retail cash register system in which the technology to read and accept eWIC cards is a built-in part of the over-all system. Essentially, it is a multi-tender system that is the opposite of a “stand-beside” system (see below). An integrated ECR can accept multiple payment types including eWIC. The cashier can ring up WIC and non-WIC foods.
        • Participants will not need to separate their WIC Foods from non-WIC Foods in stores that have an integrated ECR system.
    • What is a Stand-Beside, WIC only System?
      • A retailer register system that is essentially the opposite of an “Integrated system” (see above). The equipment to accept the e-WIC card is separate from the register system and normally “stands-beside” that equipment. Stores that do not have an electronic cash register (ECR) point-of-sale (POS) system or whose system does not support eWIC transaction processing will need to upgrade to an integrated ECR or utilize a stand-beside device.
        • Participants will need to separate their WIC Foods from non-WIC Foods in stores that have a stand beside system.


  • Vendor Reimbursement Program for eWIC hardware/software upgrades or new POS equipment
    • There are various types of Point of Sale (POS) terminal (e.g. cash registers) for you to process eWIC. We will be reaching out to each vendor to determine which option works best for your store. The WIC State Agency and Solutran will work with you to figure out the best solution for you.
    • If you choose to purchase or upgrade your current POS integrated system you may be able to apply for reimbursement for some of the cost of that purchase or upgrade.
    • Application form for the Vendor POS Reimbursement Program was sent in January 2021.
    • A list of POS Providers who an help you with your eWIC hardware/software upgrades or new POS equipment can be found here.
    • Reimbursement Application Technical Assistance Webinar was held on January 27, 2021. The webinar presentation is available here: (English version), (Spanish version).

Last Reviewed: 2/24/2021