Rehabilitative and Special Hospitals $10 Admission Assessment

$10 Adjusted Admission Assessment

Pursuant to P.L.2018, c. 116 (C.26:2H-18.57), each licensed Rehabilitative Hospital and Special Hospital is subject to a $10 adjusted admission assessment. To make this assessment, the State requires each facility to submit an Admissions and Revenue Report (ARR) annually.

Please be aware that failure to report in accordance with state law and regulation may result in a daily penalty being assessed past the submission due date. (N.J.S.A.25:2H-18.57;N.J.A.C.8:31B-1 et seq.; N.J.A.C.8:43E-1 et seq.). Intentional misrepresentation or falsification of any information contained within this cost report may result in civil and criminal penalties.



Adjusted Admission Assessment
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Last Reviewed: 6/10/2019