The Office of Veterinary Public Health promotes the health and welfare of companion animals and promotes responsible pet care.

The Office of Veterinary Public Health provides assistance to municipal governments and local health departments regarding the laws and rules addressing animal control, animal facility licensing and sanitary rules, dog licensing, and the training of Animal Control Officers (ACOs) and Animal Cruelty Investigators (ACIs). Veterinary Public Health is part of the Infectious and Zoonotic Disease Program of the New Jersey Department of Health. 

Report Animal Cruelty

IMPORTANT NOTICE - Certified Animal Cruelty Investigators (ACIs) can continue to investigate animal cruelty until February 1, 2019. Beginning in February 1, 2019, animal cruelty investigations shall be conducted by Humane Law Enforcement Officers (HLEOs) that report to county prosecutors.

If you suspect animal cruelty or abuse after February 1, 2019, contact your County Prosecutors Office or local police for assistance.

To report animal cruelty or abuse involving livestock (including horses, cattle and poultry), contact the New Jersey Department of Agriculture, Division of Animal Health by calling 609-671-6400 or via email: state.veterinarian@ag.nj.gov or state.veterinarian@ag.state.nj.us.

Additional Resources

Wildlife and Exotic Animals

Dead Animal Removal

  • Information regarding dead animal removal can be obtained from the municipal animal control agency where the animal carcass is located.
  • Deer carcasses located on a New Jersey highway or U.S. Interstate can be reported to the New Jersey Department of Transportation via an electronic form.

Domestic Animal Reportable Diseases

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The Office of Veterinary Public Health
Infectious and Zoonotic Disease Program
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Inspection Reports

The New Jersey Department of Health provides technical assistance to local health departments throughout the State and in some cases may jointly inspect facilities with local health department staff.  These reports are available for review.

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