10. Challenge and Success - You can challenge yourself and others to make a difference in your school and community. The best way to experience success is by overcoming a challenge. Let your creativity shine through and discover how to find solutions to a million problems.

9. Take Action and Make an Impact - It Beats Being a Couch Potato. Get out of the house and learn about your own skills and talents without someone telling you. You have a voice and it needs to be heard, but if you sit on the sidelines nobody will listen to you.

8. Leadership - You can gain leadership skills and be the boss of your own community service project. Build a sense of responsibility.

7. Experience - Community service looks great on college applications and resumes - get "real world" experiences

6. Guilt - hey, is their anything wrong with a little soul cleansing. Besides, if you don't do it, who will?

5. IT'S FUN!!

4. Friends - Meet new and interesting monsters/ people /whatever - like Tickle Me Elmo; Bob Villa; Ms. America; former President George Bush; and Governor Whitman. Who knows who you might meet?

3. Adventure - go to new places, learn and do different things

2. Get Out of School - service projects make excellent field trips

1. IT'S FREE !! - new roller blades are over $100, video games are $50, a CD is $15, and movies are $8. Volunteer and you can have a great time for free!