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- Executive Summary -
Higher Education Outcomes and High-Tech Workforce Demands:
The Fifth Annual Systemwide Accountability Report

Adopted March 23, 2001

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Institutional and systemwide accountability are important aspects of New Jersey’s higher education system. State policy makers, students, parents, employers, and taxpayers seek data and information about the state’s higher education system, as well as national comparisons to provide context. Annual institutional and systemwide accountability reports, along with a performance funding initiative for public institutions, provide meaningful information, stimulate improvement, and monitor progress toward statewide and institutional goals.

With the availability of improved data, the Commission has enhanced its systemwide accountability report each year. This fifth annual report updates information on students, faculty, and fiscal indicators, and provides new data on minority faculty, student outcomes and degree of urbanization, and capital funding. Recognizing the intense demand for well-qualified workers in scientific and technical fields, it also provides an in-depth examination of New Jersey’s progress in graduating students at all levels with high-tech certificates and degrees.

Key findings in this year’s systemwide accountability report:

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