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DMHAS manages initiatives for substance abuse treatment for pregnant women with dependent children and parents involved with the child welfare system. Women’s services programs offer specialized addiction treatment, including gender specific services, individual and group counseling, prenatal and post partum services, community-based outreach and linkages, case management, parenting, children’s services - either directly or by referral, transportation, and recovery supports. For more information about these services, please contact Christine Scalise at (609) 292-7293.
Pregnant Women/Women With Dependent Children Initiative
This initiative provides a coordinated network of specialized substance abuse treatment services targeted to pregnant women and women with dependent children (PW/WDC).  Services include methadone maintenance, residential, halfway house, and outpatient level of care services.  Programs are required to provide gender specific services that is family centered and addresses the full range of women’s needs that include clinical treatment, clinical support and community support services.  Specialized services includes primary medical care for women, referrals for prenatal care; primary pediatric care i.e., immunizations for their children; trauma informed and trauma specific substance abuse treatment using the “Seeking Safety” program, and other therapeutic interventions for women to address issues of relationships, sexual and physical abuse and parenting; therapeutic interventions for children in custody of women in treatment which may, among other things, address their developmental needs, their issues of sexual and physical abuse, and neglect; case management, transportation and child care to ensure that women and their children have access to these services.  Additional services include aftercare, linkages, assistance with housing, and recovery management.
Child Welfare/Women With Children Initiative
Child welfare programs offer specialized addiction treatment that address specific needs of parents involved with the Division of Child Protection and Permanency (DCPP). The overall treatment goal for the parents programs is the sustainable recovery of each parent, and the healthy reunification with their children.

The Child Welfare/Women with Children Initiative provides substance abuse treatment services to women and children under the supervision of DCPP. Services include residential treatment (a minimum of six (6) months to include a woman with an average of two (2) children), halfway house, intensive outpatient and methadone intensive outpatient level of care treatment.  First priority is given to referrals made by the Child Protection Substance Abuse Initiative (CPSAI) drug abuse counselor located in the local DCPP offices following the established protocol.  Second priority is given to self-referrals (“walk-ins”) or referrals made by various sources (Probation, court, other providers, etc.) of women who are under DYFS supervision.  Third priority is given to eligible women with dependent children who are in need of treatment and not under DYFS supervision.  All priorities include pregnant women. Treatment is family-centered and is both gender and trauma-specific using the “Seeking Safety” program.  Substance abuse treatment and other therapeutic interventions are provided to address issues of domestic violence, sexual and physical abuse, relationships and parenting.  These services are enhanced with case management, childcare, transportation, linkages, referrals to services in the community as well as recovery supports and management. DYFS keeps all cases that are participating in this initiative open for the duration of treatment, with the ultimate goal of family reunification.
Child Welfare/Fathers With Children Initiative
The Child Welfare/Fathers with Children Initiative provides substance abuse treatment to fathers with children under the supervision of DCPP.  Intensive Outpatient level of care treatment is provided in Camden, Ocean and Essex Counties.  Referrals are made by the CPSAI drug counselor located in the DCPP local offices following established protocol.  Services are reflective of the specialized needs of fathers and their dependent children and include substance abuse treatment and other therapeutic interventions that are family-centered with individual, family and group counseling, flexible evening and weekend treatment services to accommodate work schedules, parenting classes, Strengthening Families Program, vocational and education services, therapeutic interventions for children in custody of fathers that can address developmental needs, sexual and physical abuse and neglect.  These services are enhanced with case management, transportation, linkages, referral to services in the community as well as recovery supports and management. DCPP keeps all cases open for the duration of treatment with the ultimate goal of family reunification.

Click here for a directory of women and children and fathers and children providers.
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