Self-Directed Services or Self-Direction

Many individuals who receive services at home and in their communities are choosing to self-direct their own caregivers.  This means that, within the parameters of your individual budget, you choose who your own staff (known as a self-directed employee) , how often they will work, and how much they will be paid.  Staff hiring processes must be followed.  In many cases, this will give you greater choice and control than care from a provider agency.

This approach, however, does involve more responsibility.  Depending on the model selected, you may have a legal employer relationship with your employee.  You will also have the responsibility ofrecruiting staff, securing coverage when staff call off work, approving timesheets and generating service documentation required for state and federal audits.

If you are ready for this level of responsibility, you can hire a self-directed employee (SDE) through one of two models:

  • Vendor Fiscal/Employer Agent (VF/EA)
  • Agency with Choice (AWC)

In each model, a fiscal intermediary (FI) processes payments and handles tax and labor law filings.  In the VF/EA model, you are the employer of record and Public Partnerships LLC does this on your behalf.  In the AWC model, Easterseals NJ is the employer and you are a co-employer.

The resources below provide more information about self-direction and about each of the available models:

For more information, please contact your Support Coordinator or the ADD DDDFFS Help Desk email.