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What is the NJ CAT?

• The NJ CAT (NJ Comprehensive Assessment Tool) is the needs-based assessment survey used by the Division of Developmental Disabilities as part of the process of determining an individual's eligibility to receive Division-funded services.

• The NJ CAT assesses an individual's support needs in three main areas: Self-care, Behavioral, and Medical.

• The most current version of the NJ CAT is required to be completed before an individual can begin to receive services in the Medicaid-based, fee-for-service system.

Why does the NJ CAT need to be completed?

• The NJ CAT ensures that all individuals seeking Division-funded services have their support needs assessed through a single, standardized format.

• Results of the NJ CAT establish the tier in which an individual is assigned. The tier is used to determine the individual's budget amount. The tier also determines the reimbursement rate that a provider will receive for that individual for particular services.  

Who completes the NJ CAT?

• The NJ CAT is completed by the individual and/or by a family member or other responsible person. It should be completed by someone who spends a significant amount of time with the individual and is a primary person responsible for assisting with the individual's daily support needs.

How is the NJ CAT completed?

• The NJ CAT is completed online or over the telephone. There is no paper version of the NJ CAT, and the NJ CAT cannot be submitted by postal mail or fax.

• The NJ CAT is conducted by Rutgers University, through its Developmental Disabilities Plannning Institute (DDPI).

When do I complete the NJ CAT?

• For individuals who are applying for Division-funded services for the first time, the NJ CAT is completed as part of the Intake process.

• Students who are turning 21 and transitioning out of school can complete the NJ CAT in the fall/winter of their last year of school. (Please note: students receiving IDEA services through the school district are entitled to remain in school through age 21, and are encouraged to do so as the Division only funds services and supports for individuals who are 21 and older.)  

• During the Division's transition to a Medicaid-based, fee-for-service system, individuals who had already been receiving services or who had been determined eligible to receive services were notified that it was necessary for them to be reassessed through the NJ CAT. The NJ CAT must be completed before an individual can transition to the new system. 

Can I review the NJ CAT before completing it with DDPI?

• Yes, the NJ CAT is available to review as an Adobe pdf document. You can review it on your computer or you can print it out and review it.

The Division developed a short webinar, Completing the NJ CAT, that provides a general overview of what to expect from and how to prepare for the NJ CAT.  
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