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Following are images and descriptions of the eight devices currently included in the DDHH Equipment Distribution Program.  To obtain an application for the specific device desired, click on the title of the device (highlighted in blue) and follow instructions at the bottom of the first page of the application.

Telephone Devices

Amplified Telephone  
The amplified telephone allows the user to increase the volume of the incoming voice up to 53dB, as well as adjust the tone to enhance the clarity and help distinguish between similar words.  This phone is recommended for people who are hard of hearing and benefit from increased volume.
CapTel The CapTel allows the user to hear the other party speaking and read the captions simultaneously.

TTY The TTY allows the user to communicate on the phone by typing and reading the conversation.  If one of the parties does not have a TTY, then the Traditional Relay Service (711) is required.  The TTY is recommended for those who are deaf.

Hearing Carry Over (HCO) The HCO allows the user to hear the other person and respond by typing a message, which is transmitted through a Traditional Relay Operator (711).  This phone is recommended for those who have speech difficulties.


Alerting Devices

Smoke Detector   When smoke is detected, the bright strobe light flashes, in conjunction with a 90dB alarm signal.  The detector is portable, fits into any electrical outlet and has a battery backup should electricity be lost in an emergency.

Baby Alert System The system consists of a Sonic Baby Cry Signaler and a Sonic Blink strobe light.  Plug the wireless Baby Cry Signaler near the baby and when the child cries, a signal is sent to the Sonic Blink receiver.  The receiver flashes in the room where Mom and Dad have it plugged in.

Speech Devices

Artificial Larynx Device 
The Artificial Larynx Device creates speech electronically at the neck and is used by patients who have had their larynx removed.  Choose between the Servox (left) or the Trutone (right).

For any questions or comments about these devices or the Equipment Distribution Program in general, click "E-mail Us" and provide them in "Your Comments" box.  Be sure and provide all other necessary information. 
Or, you can call DDHH at
609-588-2648 V/TTY;
800-792-8339 V/TTY toll free in New Jersey;

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