The Excluded New Jerseyans Fund is a direct cash benefit to households who have suffered an economic hardship due to COVID-19 and were excluded from both federal stimulus checks and COVID related unemployment assistance -- including undocumented individuals, residents re-entering from the justice system, and any other individuals otherwise excluded.

Applications for this program are now available. Applications will be processed in the order they are received and or until funds are no longer available. Not everyone who applies is guaranteed assistance.

Individuals who can demonstrate:

  1. Exclusion from both federal stimulus checks and COVID related unemployment assistance
  2. COVID Impact
  3. Income that is at or below $55,000
  4. Residency, Identity and Age

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Applicants will need to demonstrate and present documentation to show that they were excluded from both the federal stimulus checks and COVID related unemployment assistance, impacted by COVID-19, have a household income that is at or below $55,000, as well as proof of identity and that they reside in New Jersey.

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Households with annual income at or below $55,000.

Example: If there are multiple employed people who support dependents, those incomes combined make your total household income. For example, if you make $16,000 and your spouse makes $14,000, then your total household income is $30,000. 

Definition of HouseHold Income and Required Document

If you need assistance with applying, please contact a community-based partner for help.

Please note, you will not be asked to pay for application assistance, the application process is free to all.

Funds will be distributed to approved applicants until funds are exhausted. The approved applicants can select the method of payment, the options are as follows: direct deposit, a check in the mail or a prepaid card.

Eligible households can receive up to $1,000 per eligible adult household member with a $2,000 maximum benefit per household.

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No. The Excluded New Jerseyans Fund is a one-time only cash assistance program.

No, all payments are made as grants and classified as emergency relief under the IRS and should not be included as taxable income.