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DHS has two essential contracting manuals. One concerns policy, the Contract Policy and Information Manual (CPIM) and the other, the Contract Reimbursement Manual (CRM), concerns financial matters. Review these tools below, or access their links.
Compliance with these manuals is required for all organizations and individuals that contract with DHS. In preparing a proposal in response to a Request for Proposal (RFP) or when preparing contract packages, there are a number of documents required for submission that are explained in the manuals.
The Table of Contents and Glossary should be helpful reference tools. The content of the manuals is constantly under revision. The 2009 revisions to the DHS Contract Manuals are marked with an asterisk (*).
For your convenience, the content/sections of the Contract Policy and Information Manual and the Contract Reimbursement Manual have been provided in both Word and PDF formats. The Word version may be downloaded, completed and either returned to the Department component electronically or by postal mail.
No portion of the manuals’ content may be altered except for the completion of forms. The DHS version of the Manuals is the legally binding version..

Contract Amendments
Contract Amendment Q&A 
Principles for Determining Costs

Contract Reimbursement Manual (CRM)


* CRM Glossary
* CRM Table of Contents

SECTION 1- Introduction 

1.0 Fundamental Procedures

• Introduction to the Manual

1.2 Reimbursement Objectives

1.3 How the Manual is Organized



SECTION 2- Management Systems 

2.1 Introduction

2.2 Internal Control

2.3 Procurement Standards

2.4 Audit



SECTION 3- Types of Contracts 

3.1 Introduction

3.2 Non-Cost Related Contracts

3.3 Cost-Related Contracts

3.4 Table-summary of Contract Types



SECTION 4- Principles for Determining Costs 

4.1 Introduction

4.2 Basic Considerations

4.3 Cost Objectives

4.4 Table-Indirect Cost Distribution Bases

4.5 Selected Items of Cost

4.6 Allowable Items of Costs

4.7 Unallowable Items of Costs

4.8 Cost Accounting Standards-Consistency



SECTION 5- Standard Contract Fiscal Annexes 

5.1 Introduction

5.2 Non-Cost-Related Contracts-Annex B-2

5.3 Cost-Related Contracts



SECTION 6- Expenditure Reporting 

6.1 Introduction

6.2 Interim Expenditure Reports

6.3 Fiscal-Year-End Reports

6.4 Final Expenditure Report

6.5 Table-Illustration of Reporting Frequency

6.6 Instructions for Completing the Contract Expenditure Reports



SECTION 7- Medicaid Rate Review Process for Residential Treatment Centers Participating in the Medicaid Program 

7.1 Introduction

7.2 Guidelines





Contract Policy and Information Manual (CPIM) *

Contract Policy and Information Manual (CPIM) Glossary* - July 2009  (pdf) (doc)

CPIM Table of Contents - Provider Policies* - July 2009  (pdf)  (doc) 


P1.00 Contract Negotiations & Revision:

P1.01 * (pdf)   (doc)  Documents and Conditions Required for Processing, Executing and Documenting a DHS Third Party Contract (Promulgated : July 20, 2009)
P1.02 (pdf)  (doc)  Timely Execution, Renewal Conditions and Sanctions for Contracts (Promulgated: August 11, 2005)
P1.03 (pdf)  (doc)  Charitable Registration and Investigation Act (Promulgated: May 1, 1995)
P1.04 (pdf)  (doc)  Request for Proposal (Promulgated: November 16, 1998)
P1.05 (pdf)  (doc) 

Concurrent Contract Term and Provider Agency Fiscal Year (Promulgated: July 1, 1988)

P1.06 (pdf)  (doc) 

Standardized Board Resolution Form (Promulgated: July 20, 2009)

P1.09 (pdf)  (doc) 

The Acquisition, Affiliation, Consolidation or Merger of a Provider Agency (Promulgated: September 1, 1997)

P1.10 (pdf)  (doc) 

Contract Modification (Promulgated: February 24, 2005)

P1.11 (pdf)  (doc) 

Significant Events (Promulgated: August 11, 2005)

P1.12 (pdf)  (doc)

Clusters (Promulgated: August 11, 2005)

DYFS P1.50 (pdf) (doc) 

Two-Year Contracting (Promulgated: July 1, 1988)


P2.00 Contract Standard Language

P2.01 (pdf) (doc) 

Department of Human Services' Standard Language Document for Social Services and Training Contracts (Promulgated: June 30, 2010)


P3.00 Programmatic Information

P3.03 (pdf)  (doc) 

Bilingual and Bicultural Diversity in Contracts (Promulgated: June 14, 1996)

DYFS P3.52 (pdf) (doc) 

Annex A-Standard Language Title XX Purchase of Service Contract, DYFS Form 7-33a (Promulgated: May 10, 1982)


P4.00 Fiscal Standards and Information

P4.03 (pdf)  (doc) 

Lobbying (Promulgated: February 1, 1985)

P4.05 (pdf)  (doc) 

Equipment (Promulgated: January 21, 2005)

DDD P4.07 (pdf)  (doc) 

Collapsing Direct Care Positions for Budgetary Purposes (Promulgated: August 1, 2000)

P4.10 (pdf)  (doc) 

Advance Payments (Promulgated: June 1, 1997)

P4.16 (pdf)  (doc) 

Restrictions on the Use of Federal Funds to Influence the Awarding of Contracts or Subcontracts (Federal Lobbying) (Promulgated: September 1, 1993)


P5.00 Eligibility Information

P5.01 (pdf)  (doc) 

Client Eligibility-Minimal Department Standards (Promulgated: July 1, 1998)

P5.10 (pdf)  (doc) 

Client Eligibility –Commission for the Blind and Visually Impaired (Promulgated: June 22, 1984)

P5.20 (pdf)  (doc) 

Client Eligibility-Division of Mental Health and Hospitals (presently the Division of Mental Health Services) (Promulgated: June 22, 1984)

P5.30 (pdf)  (doc) 

Client Eligibility-Division of Mental Retardation (currently the Division of Developmental Disability) (Promulgated: June 22, 1984)

P5.45 (pdf)  (doc) 

Client Eligibility- Division of Youth & Family Services (Promulgated: March 24, 1986)


P6.00 Donor Agreement/Matching Funds

P6.01 (pdf)  (doc) 

Match Requirements for Social Services Block Grant Services Contracts (Promulgated: June 1, 1983)


P7.00 Contract Closeout and Audit Information

P7.01 (pdf)  (doc) 

Contract Closeout (Promulgated: July 15, 2001)

P7.05 (pdf)  (doc) 

Pre-award Survey (Promulgated: July 1, 1988

P7.06 (pdf)  (doc) 

Audit Requirements (Promulgated: April 11, 2017)

DMHS P7.07 (pdf)  (doc) 

Operational Incentive Pilot (Promulgated: January 24, 2006)


P8.00 General Management Standards and Information

P8.01 (pdf)  (doc) 

Access to Records and Facilities; Retention of Contract Records; Confidentiality (Promulgated: July 1, 1988)

P8.05 (pdf)  (doc) 

Conflict of Interest (Promulgated: July 1, 1988)

P8.10 (pdf)  (doc) 

Nondiscrimination/American with Disabilities Act (Promulgated: November 1, 1994)

P8.13 (pdf)  (doc) 

Copyrights (Promulgated: November 21, 2007)

P8.14* (pdf)  (doc) 

Minimum Standards for Insurance (Promulgated: July 20, 2009)


P9.00 Monitoring

P9.02 (pdf)  (doc) 

Department and Provider Agency Monitoring of Level of Service Delivery (Promulgated : July 1, 1988)

P9.05 (pdf)  (doc) 

Contract Default (Promulgated: June 14, 1996)



P-Misc.03 (pdf)  (doc) 

Provider Agency Chief Executive Officer and Contract Program Director (Promulgated: July 1,1988)

P-Misc.04 (pdf) (doc)

Persons Delivering Contract Services (Promulgated: July 1, 1988)

P-Misc.06 (pdf) (doc)

Child Abuse and Neglect (Promulgated: July 1, 1988)

P-Misc.07 (pdf) (doc)

Financial Transactions with Clients, Patients, and Residents (Promulgated: August 1, 2000)


Information Memoranda

P84-2 (pdf)  (doc) 

Match Requirement for FY'85 Social Services Block Grant Funding Increase (Effective: October 1, 1984)

P85-2 (pdf)  (doc) 

Requirement of SLEPA Contracts (Effective : July 1, 1985)

P85-4 (pdf) (doc)

Match Requirement for FY'86 Social Services Block Grant Funding Increase (Effective: July 1, 1985)

P89-2 (pdf)  (doc) 

Application of Executive Order No. 189 (Effective: May 1, 1989)

P91-1 (pdf)  (doc) 

Reallocation of Funds-Clarification- P6.01 , Match Requirements for Social Services Block Grant Services Contracts (Effective: December 6, 1991)

P94-1 (pdf) (doc)

Debarments, Suspensions and Disqualification Pursuant to Executive Order # 34-1976 (Effective: July 1, 1994)

P94-2 (pdf)  (doc) 

State of New Jersey Policy on Sexual Harassment (Effective: November 1, 1994)

P99-1 (pdf)  (doc) 

Applicability of the Federal Davis-Bacon Act and the New Jersey Prevailing Wage Act (Effective: May 1, 1999)

P99-2 (pdf) (doc) 

Subcontracts (Effective: May 1, 1999)

P99-3 (pdf) (doc)

Access to the Department of Human Services (DHS) Contract Policy and Information Manual and Contract Reimbursement Manual on the DHS Website (Effective: April 25, 2005)

P00-1 (pdf) (doc)

Federal Debarment, Suspension Ineligibility and Voluntary Exclusion Requirements (Effective: January 3, 2000)

P02-1 (pdf) (doc)

Staff Attendance at Conferences or Other Events Sponsored by the Department of Human Services' Provider Agencies (Effective: March 1, 2002)

P02-2 (pdf) (doc)

Business Registration (Effective: March 1, 2002)

P04-1 (pdf)  (doc) 

Revised Audit Requirements, Policy Circular P7.06, Section III, A. and B. (Effective: February 9, 2004)

P05-1 (pdf)  (doc) 

Cognizant Contracting (Effective: August 11, 2005)

P07-1 (pdf)  (doc) 

Affirmative Action Requirements (Effective: November 21, 2007)

P09-1* (pdf)  (doc)  New Site for the Publication of the Department of Human Services' (DHS) Notice of the Availability of Grant Funds (Promulgated: July 20, 2009)

Policy Guidelines

PG93-1 (pdf)  (doc) 

Loans to Provider Agency Employees (Effective: June 7,1993)

PG97-1 (pdf)  (doc) 

Equitable Interest in Contract Purchased Equipment (Effective: February 1, 1997)

PG00-1 (pdf)  (doc) 

Auditors Access to Client Records (Effective: August 1, 2000)

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