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Correct Method for Addressing Mail To New Jersey State Government

In an effort to improve the delivery of mail to State agencies, the Capitol Post Office in conjunction with the US Postal Service, implemented PO Box numbers.

A PO number takes the place of the physical street address. The correct way to address mail being sent to a State department or agency in Trenton is shown in the following example:

Office of the Governor
PO BOX 001
Trenton, NJ 08625-0001

The only time the street address of any State department or agency should be used is if you need to deliver to or visit the agency. See department web sites for additional contact information.

Note: In order to ensure speedy delivery when mailing an item through an overnight delivery service to a State agency, you are advised to use the street address and zip code of that agency.

For further information regarding mailing, please contact Jeff Bond, Asst. Chief at (609) 984-4304, Fax (609) 777-4429 in Trenton. In Newark, contact Leonard Forbes, Supervisor at (973) 648-4428.


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