Frequently Asked Questions - Claims & Validation


Why haven't I received a check for my winnings yet?

It usually takes about 2-3 weeks to validate a claim and forward a check for your winnings to you.  If you wish to find out more about the status of your winning ticket claim, please contact Lottery Customer Service at 1-800-222-0996.


What are the rules when we buy tickets as a group?

Prizes of $599.50 or less can be redeemed at Lottery retailers. Prizes of $600 or more must be redeemed by New Jersey Lottery Claim Form. Prizes are subject to federal tax withholding at the time of payment. The group should assign one person to serve as the contact.

All winners, tickets, transactions, drawings, prizes and prize payments are subject to New Jersey Lottery Rules and Regulations and State Law. In the case of a married couple that files a joint tax return, a single claim form can be filed and a single check will be processed.


What happens if our group wants to claim a jackpot as an annuity?

A group can claim a term annuity prize, and the Lottery would send separate checks to each winner each year. Please note, though, that this is only for term annuities. Life annuities (like those associated with our "Win For Life" instant ticket game) can only be claimed by one person. Also, if a group chooses the annuity option, they have the option of requesting that the New Jersey Lottery sell that annuity on their behalf within 60 days. However, the sale will be governed by the market rates at the time of sale, and therefore, you could possibly lose money or increase your winnings based on the rates at the time of sale.


I won one of your prizes where I'm going to get a check "for life," but I want to share it with another person. What do I do?

Any instant ticket - like our "Win For Life" instant ticket - that involves a life annuity (where the length of the annuity is based upon the duration of a person's life rather than a set term) is paid to one person only. If that one person wants to give a share to another person, they can file an IRS Form 5754 with the IRS, but the Lottery won't give out separate checks, and any accounting that arises would have to be done by the winner.