Frequently Asked Questions - Disclosures/Public Record


I won a prize; can I claim it anonymously or use a trust or LLC?

The New Jersey Lottery operates in compliance with the disclosure requirements of both State law and the Lottery's enabling legislation and rules and regulations. A winner's name, town, and county can be made available either through press release or through formal request for public records by any citizen or member of the media.

In the past, players have asked questions about trusts and other legal constructs to use as vehicles to claim their prizes. If you have questions about those legal constructs, you must consult a legal professional. The Lottery cannot assist you with legal questions.


How do I request a public record from the New Jersey Lottery?

To obtain a public record from the New Jersey Lottery, you will need to submit an Open Public Records Act (OPRA) request. You can do so on the New Jersey Lottery's home page (in the lower right-hand corner, you will see the OPRA icon. Click on the icon. Once there, select "Treasury Department," and at the next screen, select "Government Records Access Unit." The remainder of the process is self-explanatory.)