Event date: January 17, 2014

Two Times The Lucky For One New Jersey Lottery Player

Mike Ducker from Brick, had the great fortune of having that experience twice in one week!  He played a 20X Cash instant game card that he had purchased at Singin Oil, 300 Hurley Ave., Lakewood in Ocean County. He scratched the ticket and realized that he was a winner. Ducker came to Lottery Headquarters to claim the prize on Jan. 2.  He said, “Finally, I am coming in for a big win. I’m so excited. There is no more disbelief – big winners really do happen.”  The following Sunday, Jan. 5, Ducker returned to Singin Oil and purchased another 20X Cash instant ticket game. “I caught lightning in a bottle twice,” exclaimed Ducker when he returned to Lottery Headquarters to claim his second $20,000 prize.  There are 69 $20,000 prizes remaining in the 20X Cash game, from the initial 105, so players have lots of opportunities to win.

Singin Oil owner Pramod Patel receives ceremonial commission check from Carole Hedinger, Executive Director.  

L-R, Parod Patel, lottery retailer; Steve Pizzolongo, Lottery Sales Representative; Carole Hedinger, Executive Director; Sunny, retail clerk.


Sunny (L), Mike Ducker, winner (C), Mr. Patel, retailer (R).


Another New Jersey Lottery fan.

Celebrating a win from a $150,000,000 Spectacular ticket.  

Another lucky lottery player


All you need is one ticket to win!


He plays Jersey Cash 5.

NJ Lottery fans having fun and winning prizes   Welcome to the Singin Oil Winner celebration
Spin the wheel and win a free ticket   Maybe today is his lucky day

Yes, he won that ticket!

  Happy day!
She plays Jersey Cash 5  

Free ticket!

Free tee shirt!