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This publication contains guidelines and directives that affect New Jersey law enforcement agencies. They come from a variety of sources: the Governor, the Attorney General, the Director of the Division of Criminal Justice, and the County Prosecutor's Association of New Jersey. In many cases, they are the product of a commission or task force established to study an area of particular interest.

This is not an exhaustive compendium of law enforcement mandates. This publication does not contain New Jersey statutes, administrative law, or regulations issued by other State entities, such as the Police Training Commission or the Department of Corrections.

The guidelines and directives contained in this book are subject to modification or implementation schemes developed by the County Prosecutor. Prior to enacting any of these provisions within your agency, you should contact your County Prosecutor for any features that may be unique to your county.

The enclosed guidelines and directives are identical in content to those originally issued. Formatting and spacing have been changed to achieve uniform appearance.

Appendices were included when they were important to the meaning of the directive. Such is the case with the Semi-Annual Firearms Qualification and Requalification Standards. Appendices were omitted when they did not modify or add to the content of the directive, such as the Internal Affairs Policy and Procedures in which the appendices were reference materials and sample forms.

The same is true of cover letters. The letters have been included in this document if they add information to the guideline or provide specific instructions not included in the text of the guideline. Otherwise they have not been included.

If you have any questions about this material, contact the Division of Criminal Justice, Law Enforcement Standards Section at (609) 984-7301.


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