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The Police Training Commission (PTC) staff, under the authority of the Police Training Act, are responsible for the development and certification of basic training courses for county and local police, sheriffs' officers, state and county investigators, state and county corrections officers, juvenile detention officers, and a number of other law enforcement positions, as well as several instructor development courses. Training courses are revised and updated on an ongoing basis as necessitated by legislation, court decisions, and advances in technology and the state of knowledge regarding law enforcement practices.

Commission staff are responsible for the certification of training course curricula, instructors, trainees, and academies authorized to conduct any of the 35 PTC-certified training courses. Moreover, PTC staff develop operational guidelines to implement applicable training standards, monitor the operation of all PTC certified academies, review all trainee injuries, investigate possible violations of the Police Training Act or PTC Rules occurring during authorized training courses, and handle appeals involving challenges to PTC decisions regarding, for example, trainee dismissals from PTC-certified courses, training waivers, and drug screening practices of PTC-certified academies.

Conducted Energy Device Policy
For Information about the ATTORNEY GENERAL'S POLICY ON CONDUCTED ENERGY DEVICES and the REQUIRED TRAINING for the use of such devices, view the revised policy here.




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