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Crime Victims Bill of Rights

Crime victims are entitled to the following certain basic rights:

  • To be treated with dignity and compassion by the criminal justice system.
  • To be informed about the criminal justice process.
  • To be free from intimidation.
  • To have inconveniences associated with participation in the criminal justice process minimized to the fullest extent possible.
  • To make at least one telephone call from the police station provided the call is reasonable in both length and location called.
  • To medical assistance if, in the judgment of the law enforcement agency, medical assistance appears necessary.
  • To be notified if presence in court is not needed.
  • To be informed about available remedies, financial assistance and social services.
  • To be compensated for their loss whenever possible.
  • To be provided a secure, but not necessarily separate, waiting area during court proceedings.
  • To be advised of case progress and final disposition.
  • To the prompt return of property when no longer needed as evidence.
  • To submit a written statement about the impact of the crime to a representative of the county prosecutor's office which shall be considered prior to the prosecutor's final decision concerning whether formal criminal charges will be filed; and
  • To make, prior to sentencing, an in-person statement directly to the sentencing court concerning the impact of the crime. This statement is to be made in addition to the statement permitted for inclusion in the persistence report.

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