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NJ Army National Guard 44th Infantry Brigade

2-113th INF
2nd Battalion, 113th Infantry (2-113 INF)

The 2nd Battalion, 113th Infantry makes its headquarters in Riverdale, Morris County, New Jersey. It traces its lineage back to the Revolutionary War. This light infantry battalion has three companies of infantry and a headquarters company. Units are located in Newark, Jersey City, and Woodbridge, as well as Riverdale.

Mission Statement

The 44th Brigade mission is to deploy, fight, and defeat enemy forces in any type of terrain, weather, or combat situation. In peacetime the 44th Brigade trains its units to meet combat readiness standards, while supporting all Division operations and exercises. The 44th Brigade also provides a ready force of soldiers and equipment to assist in NJ communities when disaster or emergencies strike. Units are located in many New Jersey communities and have often been called upon to provide relief and services in emergencies.

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