New Jersey Department of Military and Veterans Affairs
Publications Ľ TAG Policy Letters

2 The Adjutant General's Philosophy  
3 COVID-19 Vaccination Policy  
4 2022 National Guard Training Center (NGTC) Beach Parking Pass Policy  
5 Veterans Memorial Home Employee Bag Policy  
1 Scheduled Day Off (SDO)  
3 NJNG Domestic Response and SAD Policy for Full-Time Employees  
4 Background Checks and Fingerprinting  
5 Duty to Advise of Arrests and Convictions  
6 Legal Review Responsibilities  
2 NGTC-NJ Contingency Housing Initiative Program  
3 Alternate Dispute Resolution Policy  
4 Equal Employment Opportunity Policy  
5 Equal Opportunity Policy  
6 Reasonable Accomodation, Anti-Discrimination on Disability and Personal Assistance Services Policy  
7 Policy Against Discrimination and Sexual Harassment in the Workplace  
1 New Jersey National Guard Drug and Alcohol Abuse Policy  
2 New Jersey Intelligence Oversight Policy  
4 Fraternization  
5 State of New Jersey Policy Prohibiting Discrimination In The Workplace  
6 Use of Government Purchase Card  
7 Operations Security (OPSEC)  
8 Ban on Smoking and Tobacco Products in DMAVA Facilities  
9 Non-Discrimination on the Basis of Disability Policy  
10 Veteran Memorial Homes Guidelines for Short Term Stay  
11 The Adjutant General's Safety Philosophy  
13 Legislative and Executive Branch Inquiries  
14 The Adjutant Generalís Sexual Assault Prevention and Response (SAPR) Policy  
15 Joint Travel and Conference Policy  
1 NJARNG Energy and Water Conservation Policy  
3 Risk Assessment Approval Authority  
4 Historical and Artistic Holdings  
1 Media and Elected Official Relations  
3 New Jersey National Guard Service Member and Family Readiness Program Support Plan  
1 Organizational Clothing and Individual Equipment (OCIE) Policy Reassignment or Ending Term of Service (ETS)  
6 Jokes in the Workplace  
8 Policy for the Prevention of Sexual Harassment (POSH)  
11 New Jersey Policy to Encourage Help-Seeking Behavior  
13 Diversity Policy  
14 The NJARNG Environmental Policy Statement  
15 Environmental Protection and Compliance Policy  
1 Military Award Criteria  
1 Speaker Requests from Outside Agencies  
2 New Jersey Army National Guard (NJARNG) Strength Management  
2 Personnel Cross-Leveling for Mobilization  
1 Delegation of Approving For Reports of Survey for the New Jersey Army National Guard  
2 Commander's Safety Course (CSC)  
3 NJARNG Pay Management  
4 NJNG Immunization Refusal Policy  
6 Active Guard & Reserve (AGR) Participation in Military Support to Civilian Authorities (MSCA)  
2 Information Ownership (IASD-CIO)  
4 Armory (JCOS)  
5 Internal Controls (DAG)  
8 Field Grade Officer Position Vacancy Promotion Policy  
9 Legislative and Media Relations (JCOS)  
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