Guardlife - Volume 30, Number 2

Table of Contents

 Guardlife Staff
 TAG's Message
 CSM's Message
 177th Supports OEF
 Combat Veteran to Head NJANG
 'Faithful and Brave' Arrive
 1-114th Deploys to Arrabian Penninsula
 253rd TC Back from Iraq
 Mobilization Page
 News Guard Families Can Use
 Salute the Troops
 NJNG Newsmakers
 Jersey Air Guardsman Wins Services Award
 Photos from Iraq
 Finance Battalion Update
 Family Appreciation Day
 Short Rounds
 NJ Places 17th in NG Marathon
 Army and Air Enlisted Promotions
 In Memoriam

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Photos from Iraq

Photo from Iraq 1Photo 1: Cpl. Terrance Harrison, Sgt. Charles Shaw, 1st Lt. John Aslanian, Staff Sgt. Joseph Drinkhouse and Staff Sgt. Ronald Sinclair have a breakfast snack while on patrol.




Photo from Iraq 2Photo 2: Cpl. Terrence Harrison takes a moment at the end of the day to practice his pipes.





Photo from Iraq 3Photo 3: Staff Sgt. Jose Couselo standing in front of approximately 100 weapons taken from a police station. Photos courtesy Staff Sgt. Couselo.





Photo from Iraq 4Photo 4: 1st Sgt. Matthew Valentè takes a break with some friends in Iraq. Photo courtesy 1st Sgt. Valentè.




Photo from Iraq 5Photo 5: Specialists Christian Betancourt and Ronald Humphrey painted this mural C Company's Tactical Operations Center. Photo by Capt. David Beveridge.