Guardlife - Volume 30, Number 2

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 TAG's Message
 CSM's Message
 177th Supports OEF
 Combat Veteran to Head NJANG
 'Faithful and Brave' Arrive
 1-114th Deploys to Arrabian Penninsula
 253rd TC Back from Iraq
 Mobilization Page
 News Guard Families Can Use
 Salute the Troops
 NJNG Newsmakers
 Jersey Air Guardsman Wins Services Award
 Photos from Iraq
 Finance Battalion Update
 Family Appreciation Day
 Short Rounds
 NJ Places 17th in NG Marathon
 Army and Air Enlisted Promotions
 In Memoriam

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CSM's MessageCSM's Message

By New Jersey State Command Sergeant Major Richard S. Adkins, Jr.

The successes of the past will not be sufficient to meet the challenges of the future”.

For those of us serving in the armed forces, the tragic events of September 11th marked our collective consciousness both personally and professionally. I believe this despicable act by the enemies of freedom and democracy has served to strengthen our resolve and focus our efforts to ensure that we, as soldiers are fully prepared to defend our communities, state, and nation against another terror attack and against all enemies both foreign and domestic.

Our professional competence, leadership abilities, and initiative long have been among the primary reasons America’s armed forces are the best in the world. Given our increasing involvement in Homeland Defense, Homeland Security, and our continued role in local emergency response missions, it’s even more important that we attain the highest possible level of professional skill and help our junior NCO’s and enlisted personnel become the best soldiers they can become. We’ve received tremendous support from our elected officials and from throughout every aspect of our local communities. We’ve also been fortunate to have solid support from within our own chain of command. However, the successes of the past will not be sufficient to meet the challenges of the future.

We need to reinforce the importance of NCOES and obtain the necessary funding so that every promotable soldier in the NJARNG has the opportunity to attend NCOES schools. This includes the 1,000 soldiers who were promoted between January 2002 to 15 July 2004 and still have a military education requirement to complete NCOES.

As the State Command Sergeant Major I would like to identify four specific areas I feel are critical to the successful professional development of the Noncommissioned Officer Corps. These areas will be my top priorities for the next twenty-four months. It is my sincere belief that proper attention to these initiatives will increase our soldier’s awareness of the importance of living Army Values, decrease the level of complacency, and enhance our overall readiness.

1. Top loading from the Enlisted Promotion System (EPS) list for school attendance.
2. Establishment of the New Jersey Army National Guard Enlisted Personnel Management Branch.
Note: This is a brand new, first-time program to be managed by Sgt. Maj. Mike Amoroso.
3. Enlisted Career Management Program publish date 1 October 2004.
4. Military and civilian education.

With your continued commitment and support I have every confidence that we will be the best we can be; and perhaps most important, be what our nation and our fellow citizens need us to be.