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Guardlife - Volume 31, No. 2

108th Passes 6,000-Hour Mark
By Command Sgt. Maj. Charles Thomas, photo by Sgt. 1st Class Robert Stephenson, NJDMAVA/PA

Click to enlargeSince September 2001, the 108th Air Refueling Wing has flown more than 6,000 hours in support of Operations Enduring Freedom and Iraqi Freedom.

Currently the 108th refuels aircraft that are hauling supplies in support of OEF and OIF. Flying hours include when the 108th was deployed to Oman for OEF and refueled fighters in theater. Three people make up the crew of the KC-135E: the aircraft commander, co-pilot and the boom operator. During their four to five hour flight, they will offload around 70,000 pounds of fuel.

Men and women of the 108th have flown almost 1,150 sorties and have off-loaded millions of pounds of fuel while flying tandem in the air. In addition to the hours flown for OEF/OIF, the 108th has flown more than 3,200 hours in support of Operation Noble Eagle since September 11, 2001, when the wing launched its first refueling mission in U.S. airspace after 9/11. Most of these hours have been flown over the northeast quadrant of the United States refueling F-15s and F-16s flying Combat Air Patrols.


Wing Passes UCI
By Staff Sgt. Barb Harbison, 108th ARW/PA

After months of hard work, sweat, tears, tempers, stress, late nights, early mornings, weekends, it all came down to one hour in the McGuire theater, watching a slide show with more than 350 other anxious individuals hoping that their particular area and the wing as a whole passed the Unit Compliance Inspection (UCI).

The inspectors gave grades on two By Law Areas and 17 Mission Areas. In the By Law Areas– Intell Oversight and Sexual Harassment Education and Prevention – the wing received a good rating. As the team moved through each of the 17 Mission
Areas, pockets of the audience relaxed as their section received its grade.

While Transportation was recognized for its “Best Seen to Date” HazMat Training Program, they along with Supply, Contracting, Munitions, Chaplain, Civil Engineer, Communications and Information, Plans and Programs, Services, Financial Management, Personnel, Command Post and Readiness Reporting all received a good rating.

Four sections in the Mission Areas had the bell ringing and cheers from the audience for receiving a very good rating from the IG Team. First, Security Forces’ exceptional teamwork was noted in the Installation Security rating. Then, Intelligence’s unparalleled training program helped that section receive their high rating. Exemplary training for all aircrew members was only part of the kudos that
gave Aircrew Protection a very good rating. Last, but not least, the inspectors noted the impressive program built to track the checklist completion that helped the
Self-Inspection Program score its’ very good rating.

Additionally, nine wing members received IG coins for their accomplishments during the UCI.