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Guardlife - Volume 31, No. 2

119th CSB Update
Photos by Chaplain (Maj.) Jan Koczera, 119th CSB. Story based upon Chaplain Koczera's emails.

In addition to their regular duties, the 119th Corps Support Battalion, at an undisclosed operating location in Iraq, recently went on a series of humanitarian missions visiting area Iraqi families giving them food, water and presents for the children.

In the first photo (starting at the top left) Lt. Col. Sharon Tootell and Sgt. 1st Class Rosa Cosme enjoy tea with an Iraqi family (the woman hugging Cosme lost her
husband fighting Saddam). Next Maj. William Peace (center of photo) passes out water. In a separate humanitarian mission, the unit visited area Bedouins and presented them with gifts. In the third photo Spc. Lisa Hatcher gives some school supplies to one of the children. Next, members of the 119th clear a canal.

The sunrise service at Ur (Mesopotamia) – the birthplace of civilization, went very well. Chaplain (Maj.) Jan Kozera assisted in the preparation of an Easter Sunrise Service for members of the 119th CSB and other Soldiers at their posts. “I had about 60 who came with me to attend; we were driving every conceivable armored vehicle down the road, it was great fun,” stated Chaplain Jan Koczera.

The service, which included music, prayers and a brief sermon, was attended by many of the 119th CSB Soldiers and civilian government employees from surrounding military camps. The service was conducted on a platform built on a house believed to been owned by Abraham. Saddam Hussein had it restored for a planned visit by Pope John Paul VI in 1999, which was cancelled at the last moment when Saddam said that he could not ensure the Pope's safety.

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