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Guardlife - Volume 31 No. 5

108th SF Help Katrina Victims
By Senior Airman Robbie Finley, 108 ARW/PA

Security Forces personnel deployed to Louisiana Sept. 2-16 to support law enforcement after the devastation of Hurricane Katrina.

Lt. Col. Ronald Turk headed up the flight of 35 security forces personnel that took a KC-135E Stratotanker down to Belle Chasse Naval Air Station New Orleans, La., to help secure some of the hardest hit areas of the state.

“The first two nights we were there, we stayed in a hangar on the air station,” said Master Sgt. Dave Beun, the standardizations and evaluations non-commissioned officer in charge for the SFS.

The SP’s supplemented the Saint John The Baptist Parish Sheriff’s department, where they helped process the displaced citizens to be transported out of the dangerous areas, such as the eastern part of New Orleans. They also performed residential patrols. Throughout the first few days in Louisiana, there was non-stop traffic of citizens, he added. The SFS split into two teams that worked 12-hour
shifts the entire time they were there. They worked with the New Orleans Special Weapons and Tactics personnel as they investigated a homicide, enforced the midnight curfew, and arrested looters in the area. The SFS also re-supplied the SWAT team, who was housed up in a makeshift location inside a school, whenever
they needed supplies. This school also operated as a temporary armory.

The SFS and local police never ran into problems as they worked together. “We got along great, ” Beun said.