Volume 31 - No. 6
Last Round: TAG Reappointed
Story by Kryn P. Westhoven, NJDMAVA/PA

On January 3, Governor-elect Jon S. Corzine renamed Maj. Gen. Glenn K. Rieth as The Adjutant General of New Jersey and head of the Department of Military and Veterans’ Affairs.

“During the past four years, our team has been a shining beacon of excellence in support of our veterans, fellow service members, and their families,” said Gen. Rieth. “I am humbled to be surrounded by thousands of dedicated and patriotic Soldiers, Airmen, and civilian employees.”

Gen. Rieth has served as The Adjutant General of New Jersey since 2002. During that time he has commanded over 9,000 soldiers and airmen of the New Jersey Army and Air National Guard.

“Governor-elect Corzine has witnessed our commitment to the residents of New Jersey and is counting on the Department of Military and Veterans Affairs to continue this tradition of service to the community, state and nation,” added Gen. Rieth.
“ Some decisions are very tough and some are very easy. The fact that General Rieth has been reappointed.. is about as easy of a decision I ever had to face in public life,” said Corzine, as he spoke at the Farewell Salute held two days after the reappointment announcement.

“I would like to extend my heartfelt appreciation to the members of the New Jersey Army and Air National Guard, the employees of the New Jersey Department of Military and Veterans Affairs, the Veterans community and its leaders for your support and hard work,” said Gen. Rieth. “I am confident that we will continue to lead by example while providing unwavering support to those who wear or have worn the uniform – past, present, and future.”

* * *

Flags For Deploying Units

Maj. Gen Glenn K. Rieth, The Adjutant General watches as Governor-elect Jon S. Corzine presents the Stars and Stripes along with a New Jersey state flag to 50th Personnel Service Battalion (PSB) Commander, Lt. Col. Walter J. Alvarado during a Farewell Salute held at the National Guard Armory in Lawrenceville on Jan. 5.

The ceremony honored more than 100 Soldiers from the 50th PSB, 250th Personnel Detachment and a group of N.J. Guard members chosen to be part of the Afghan National Army Embedded Training Team. Photo by Tech. Sgt. Mark Olsen, NJDMAVA/PA.

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