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volume 32 number 1

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Guard-Recruiting Assistance Program
From Recruiting and Retention Command
To maintain today’s readiness and strength requirements while preparing for tomorrow’s challenges, the New Jersey Guard Recruiting Assistance Program promotes “strength from within” by recognizing and rewarding those who help the New Jersey Army National Guard (NJARNG) achieve its goals.

New Jersey Guard Recruiting Assistants can earn additional income assisting the NJARNG recruiting efforts by identifying well-qualified men and women for service. Recruiter Assistants (RAs) earn $2,000 for each new recruit who enlists and reports to Basic Training. The RA can also earn $2,000 for a prior service applicant who enlists into the NJARNG.

New Jersey Guard Recruiting Assistants are embedded in their respective communities and are uniquely positioned to identify potential Soldiers in the people they already know. It’s the effective way to promote strength from within. It is also only a click away online. The Guard-Recruiting Assistance Program (GRAP) is a contracted program designed especially for traditional Guardmembers. Guardsmen who apply online at become eligible to serve as a part-time Recruiter Assistant (RA). The RA applicant will be verified and hired by a contractor, not the NJARNG.

Each RA will cultivate quality potential Soldiers from within their individual spheres of influence. Once a potential Soldier is identified and pre-qualified, the RA will facilitate a meeting engagement with their local NJARNG Recruiter.

The triad of the NJARNG Recruiter, RA and potential Soldier will then work closely to process the potential Soldier and move them towards accession. Upon enlistment the RA will receive an initial payment of $1,000. A second $1,000 payment will be given when a non-prior service applicant ships to Basic Training or when a prior service applicant has completed four months of drill.

Do the Math: You get $2,000 for every person you recruit into the New Jersey Army National Guard. Don't let the Guard be New Jersey's best-kept secret.
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