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Last Round - Touchdown
Story by Sgt. 1st Class Kryn Westhoven, 444MPAD; photo by Lt. Col. James Garcia, NJDMAVA/PAO
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The smile on Sgt. Dave Gregorowitz did not stop for days as he displays the football given to him by Giants tight end Jeremy Shockey after a touchdown. Three New Jersey Army National Guard Blackhawks flew over Giants Stadium to start the Giants versus Colts game on Sept. 10.

The aircrews from the 1st Battalion, 150th Aviation (Air Assault) in West Trenton were escorted back to the stadium to watch the game on the sidelines. Shockey hauled in an Eli Manning pass for the score running out of the end zone and right to Gregorowitz, handing the helicopter crew chief the football as they hugged. Millions across the nation saw the hand off on TV as it was the premiere broadcast of Sunday Night Football on NBC.

Gregorowitz’s cell phone keep ringing afterwards as his friends called to say they had recorded the moment that will be remembered by this Operation Iraqi Freedom Soldier forever.


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