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It's Da Bomb
By Tech. Sgt. Mark Olsen, NJDMAVA/PA
TAG at Operation Jump Start

The Ali Air Base Emergency Management section of the Civil Engineering Squadron (CES) got to put to use some equipment that they had been training with for many years.
A leaking explosive shell (photo top left) was brought to the Explosive Ordinance Disposal unit (EOD) at the base.

Before EOD could dispose of the item, a determination had to be made that there were no dangerous chemicals inside the live shell. Staff Sgt. Carlos Morales (left in bottom right photo) of the 108th CES and Senior Master Sgt. Pete Nestor (right) of the 109th CES, New York Air National Guard were tasked to go down range and perform chemical reconnaissance. 

After donning their protective equipment (photo top right MOPP 4 in 100 plus degree heat) and performing operations checks on their detection equipment, they journeyed downrange (photo bottom left) to confirm that the shell did not contain any life-threatening chemicals.

The shell was subsequently destroyed by EOD. Photos courtesy 108ARW/CES.

TAG at Operation Jump Start

TAG at Operation Jump Start

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