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Chaplain, Col. Alphonse J. Stephenson (second from left) with his chaplain assistants while on deployment to Qatar. Photo courtesy Col. Alphonse J. Stephenson.

The New Jersey Army and Air National Guard Joint Chaplains’ Corps is comprised of nine clergy dedicated to the spiritual wellbeing of our Soldiers, Airmen and their families.

Chaplains are clergy in uniform, and as such, must meet the high demands of all uniformed personnel, with one exception, we are not weapons qualified. As non-combatants, but trained for field conditions, we rely upon our chaplain’s assistants to “watch-our-backs,” literally! There are two concepts your chaplains here in New Jersey have embraced: ecumenism and jointness.

First, ecumenism: in mutual respect and shared love for God and His creation, we join together from all faiths, denominations and traditions, working together for the good of humanity. Your chaplaincy is blessed with a great mix: seven Protestant ministers of varied denominations, a rabbi and a Catholic priest.

No matter what our faith and background happens to be, a chaplain is a chaplain, is a chaplain. Together, your chaplains continue to build upon that which unites us, namely, service to the Almighty and our country, with special dedication to the men and women in uniform and their loved ones.

The second concept which strengthens us is jointness. We are proud that for the past two years, your Army and Air Guard chaplains have come to know each other and rely on each other for mutual support and practical assistance. The walls between Army green and Air Force blue have disappeared, and happily, jointness is working here in New Jersey.

Our newest resource is the CHAPLAINS’ HOTLINE. By calling (609) 694-0635, know that your chaplains are only a phone call away. Chaplains have a HOTLINE too! We call it prayer. Be assured of our prayers for you and your loved ones daily.

TAG at Operation Jump Start

Infantry Soldier selected as one of ten Heroes of the Year Staff Sgt. Robert A. Dollaway (right) along with his wife Rebecca look at die-cast replica of the National Guard sponsored NASCAR race car given to the 2nd Battalion, 113th Infantry Soldier for being selected as one of ten “Heroes of the Year” by the Jackson Hewitt Tax Service.

Rebecca nominated her husband for his work as the Senior Personnel Service Sergeant at the Infantry Battalion headquarters in Riverdale. While Dollaway was not the overall winner, the Dollaway’s did attend the Auto Club 500 NASCAR NEXTEL Cup Series race at the California Speedway at Fontana on Feb. 25. Photo by Kryn P. Westhoven, NJDMAVA/PA.

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