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Pilots Hone Combat Skills
TAG at Operation Jump Start

From Feb. 24 to March 3, 90 members of the 177th Fighter Wing including pilots, crew chiefs, maintainers, munitions and weapons loaders, deployed to Tyndall AFB, Fla., to hone their craft at Combat Archer 07-02.

“Forty-six sorties were flown during the week and not a single mission was canceled due to equipment problems,” stated Lt. Col. Yarko Sos, Commander, 119th Fighter Squadron. “This is a PILOTS HONE COMBAT SKILLS true testament to the outstanding efforts of all the deployed personnel.”

During the deployment, pilots were able to fire live air-to-air missiles at drones. This training is critical because it provides pilots with the necessary weapon system experience, especially with an upcoming Air Expeditionary Force deployment. In addition, the pilots fought in air combat training against F-15s to sharpen air-to-air skills and flew simulated homeland defense missions. “For all involved, the Combat Archer deployment was an overwhelming success and a true reflection of the outstanding performers within the 177th Fighter Wing,” observed Sos.

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