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Museum, school honor troops
TAG at Operation Jump Start

Photo and story by Sgt. Shawn Morris, 444MPAD

By Carol Fowler, National Guard Militia Museum of New Jersey

The National Guard Militia Museum of New Jersey and Belmar Elementary School participated in a special event as part of National Military Appreciation Month.

Museum Assistant Curator Carol Fowler explained to the students that "America Supports You," is a nationwide program recognizing citizen support for American military men and women at home and abroad. The students seized the opportunity to show their appreciation by writing letters of appreciation and created a banner proudly declaring: "Belmar Elementary School Thanks You For Protecting Our Freedom." On May 11, Fowler, accompanied by Sgt. Brad Trowbridge and Spc. Gabriela Pereira, met with the Belmar Elementary School fourth graders. The children enthusiastically greeted their guests and presented them their letters and banner.

Belmar Elementary School’s Assistant Principal Paul Shappiro attended the ceremony and stated that the event was “…a tremendous way for our students to demonstrate their appreciation for all the Soldiers that put their lives on the line everyday to protect our freedom.”

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