Generous Support of Vets in Nursing Homes

Compiled by Staff Sgt. Barb Harbison, Public Affairs Specialist, NJDMAVA

Menlo Park Veterans Home thanks

Military Order of the Purple Hearts donated $12,500 on January 2001 to the Snoozelen Room.

Union County Bowlers Association “Bowlers to Veterans” gave $7,550 in July 2001 and July 2002 for residents' use.

American Legion Post 170 bestowed $5,000 in July 2001 to the General Fund for Resident’s Use.

Castellano Family Foundation presented $9,000 in September 2001 for an electric wheelchair for resident.

Vineland Veterans Home thanks

Donated handicapped-accessible bus

American Legion Post 184 donated three $3,000 defibrillators August 2002.

Veterans of Foreign Wars' state-wide project, a new $53,000 handicapped-accessible bus, was donated in October 2002.

Paramus Veterans Home thanks

American Legion Post 170 presented $75,000 in April 2001 for the All-Purpose room.

Endowment Fund for Military Veterans donated $62,000 in October 2002 for a new bus.