NJ Veteran Journal
Summer 2004 Edition

Group Joins Forces In Veterans History Project

From the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA)

The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) is joining forces with the National Foundation for
Women Legislators (NFWL), the Disabled American Veterans (DAV) and the American Folklife Center at the Library of Congress to record interviews with veterans for presentation to the Library of Congress’ Veterans History Project.

“I am proud VA is a part of this very important effort to preserve the legacy of America’s eterans,” said Principi. “This project will allow younger generations of Americans to learn about the sacrifices and patriotism of those who fought to guarantee their freedom.”

“It is so important for all Americans to reach out to veterans and I know that our women legislators are honored to be a part of this project and to have the opportunity to be working so closely with our nation’s heroes,” said Robin Read, president and CEO of NFWL.

Women elected officials from every state and U.S. territory have been selected to serve as veterans team leaders for NFWL’s “ Heart to Heart” program to record interviews with veterans for presentation to the Library of Congress’ Veterans History Project. VA will assist NFWL in locating veterans to be interviewed and will provide nationwide public affairs support. DAV is encouraging its members to interview their fellow disabled veterans or to allow a volunteer
to interview them.

Team leaders have been focusing on interviewing World War I and World War II veterans. During
the next year, they will also interview veterans of Korea, Vietnam and Persian Gulf wars.

Congress created the Veterans History Project in 2000. The American Folklife Center at the Library of Congress is collecting audio and video recorded histories, along with documentary materials such as memoirs, letters, diaries, maps, photographs and home movies. The material will be available to veterans, their families, researchers, historians and future generations of Americans at the Library of Congress, with representative samples also online at the Veterans History Project web site at www.loc.gov/vets.

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Website To Help Military Retirees Apply For CRSC

From the Department of the Army

The Department of the Army recently announced a new website designed to assist disabled military retirees in applying for Combat-Related Special Compensation. The Army CRSC website,
which went online the week of Jan 12, provides all the information that a disabled military retiree needs to know in order to apply for CRSC, said officials from the Human Resources Command.

The site provides program guidelines used to determine eligibility for combat-related disability benefits and application procedures for the program.

“ The site includes an application form, which can be downloaded, and it gives detailed instructions of the application process,” said Brig. Gen. Gina S. Farrisee. “It also contains supporting documentation required to substantiate a claim and helpful tips on how to enable the timeliest application processing.”

In addition the new website includes:

* Guidance on how and where to file an appeal for retirees who previously submitted applications
that have been determined ineligible or have been declined.

* A detailed listing of specific information and documentation that is frequently overlooked by applicants in their initial applications, as well as procedural and timing considerations.

* Phone and e-mail points of contact in the event customers have difficulty navigating the site or need specific information about the CRSC program.

As a provision of the 2003 National Defense Authorization Act, CRSC allows eligible disabled military retirees to collect payments for both their military service and their service-related disability.

To visit the Army’s CSRC website, go to http://www.crsc.army.mil

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