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Bankers assist families with scholarships

Ocean County Donation

Pictured with Casey Duffy (center) and (l to r) N.J. League of Community Bankers (NJLCB) Chairman Robert Monteith, Foundation Chairman Robert Stillwell, NJLCB President James Silkensen and Joseph Salzano Ocean County Veteran Service Officer. Photo courtesy NJCBEF

Families of fallen heroes from Afghanistan and Iraq are eligible to apply for scholarships to pursue higher education.

The New Jersey’s Community Bankers Education Foundation, Inc. works closely with the Department of Military and Veterans Affairs, which distributes scholarship applications.

To be considered, either the dependent or the service member must have a connection to New Jersey, having lived or been stationed in the state. Scholarship funds are considered by the Foundation’s Board of Trustees for applicants that have a high school or equivalency diploma and are in pursuit of higher education, including technical or vocational training. The Foundation has been funded by New Jersey community banks to honor the service members of the Armed Forces that lost their lives in these conflicts.

The first scholarship was awarded to Casey Duffy, whose husband, New Jersey Army National Guard Spc. Christopher Duffy, was killed in Iraq in 2004.

Duffy decided that going back to college to get a teaching degree was the best way for her to provide for herself and her son. The Foundation assisted in providing funds for tuition and text books expenses not fully covered by
other benefit programs. Duffy is currently a junior at Georgian
Court University, looking forward to becoming an elementary
school teacher when she graduates next spring.

The industry has made a long-term commitment to this effort and it plans to be able to assist child dependents, in-luding Duffy’s young son, that are many years from needing scholarship funds. Those interested should register names and ages with the Foundation, so the Foundation can forward
scholarship material to family members.

For more Foundation information, go to
scholarship.htm or contact James Meredith at 908.272.8500,
ext. 614, or