Winter 2007 Edition NJDMAVA Veterans

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Message from the Governor

Ocean County Donation

Dear Veterans,

On Veterans Day this year, we celebrated the heroes of our country with the traditional pomp and circumstance and expressions of heartfelt appreciation befitting their honorable service. But this Veterans Day marked still another year without the dedication of a World War II Memorial in New Jersey. I want you to know that I am working to ensure the dedication of this long-awaited and much deserved tangible expression of our respect and gratitude by November, 2008.

Of the approximately 545,000 veterans who live in our state, nearly 30 percent served in World War II. That is about twice the average percentage of other states; and after their service on the battlefield, these men and women returned home to rebuild their careers and families, and helped transform America into a symbol of freedom and democracy for people all over the world.

Sixty years later, their service - your service - is honored by that freedom this nation cherishes so dearly. Notwithstanding the pledges and the hard work of so many of you, that service is not yet recognized by an appropriate monument in our state. They deserve to see this memorial finished within their lifetime, and I have pledged that this will happen during my administration. With so much that our World War II veterans have given to us, this is the least that we can give to them; and it is the best we can give to our children and grandchildren as an example of the kind of love of country and community that sustains and enhances us through generations.

With the help of the Department of Military and Veterans Affairs and the Office of the Secretary of State, we have expanded the membership of the World War II Memorial Commission and appointed new members to accelerate our fundraising efforts. Recently members of the commission and I held a reception at the Governor’s Mansion to help raise funds. I am happy to report that more than 100 people attended and we were able to secure a significant number of new donors. While we’re having success finding new donors, we still have a way to go to reach our goal. I’d like to take this opportunity to thank those of you who have already given, especially the World War II Veterans, and encourage those of you who may not yet have been able to contribute. I realize many of you are living on fixed incomes, and your donations, whether they be $5, $10, $25 or more, exemplify the same self-sacrifice that you have shown in wars past. Rest assured, we’re working as fast as we can and I hope to report back with good news soon.