Appendices & Forms

Appendix A - NJ Dept of Military and Veterans Affairs Veterans Service Offices
Appendix B - NJ County Veterans Service
Appendix C - One Stop Career Centers
Appendix D - VA New Jersey HealthCare System Employment Offices
Appendix E - Federal Cemeteries
Appendix F - NJ Veterans Service Agencies

Appendix G - Veterans Websites

Forms - (PDF Files)
Appendix H - Service Connected Disability Compensation
Appendix I - Standard Form 180 - Request for Military Records
Appendix J - NJDMAVA Form 05A-1NJ Civil Service - Veterans Preference Claim Form
Appendix K - NJ Application for Award Program
Appendix L - NJ Operation Recognition Program
Appendix M - NJDMAVA Form 05A-2 - NJ Application for Veterans Designation for Pension

A note about obtaining New Jersey Army and Air National Guard records
To obtain New Jersey Army National Guard records (some New Jersey Air National Guard records are available) from all time periods and any service branch discharge after 1974, contact 609-530-6823.

To obtain discharges from any service branch, logon to or fill out a Standard Form 180.