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Change of Address


Customers have three options to change their address: online, in person at a motor vehicle agency, or through the mail.

Please note, regardless of the option selected, a change of address label can no longer be provided. We regret the inconvenience; however, a receipt may be printed for recordkeeping purposes.



Customers are encouraged to use the online address change system. As noted abvoe, a printable receipt will be provided in the form of an electronic letter confirmation.  The confirmation letter may be sent to your local printer at the end of the transaction.

The MVC encourages you to retain the confirmation letter as proof of compliance with N.J.S.A 39:3-36, which requires all drivers to report address changes to the MVC within one week of the change.

Customers who have only the vehicle registration document, i.e., no New Jersey driver’s license or non-driver identification (ID) card, may also process an address change online. To do so, log in to the web application using the number labeled “DL” located in the lower right side of your registration card.  The DL number printed on your registration card will need to be entered into the log in screen where the system asks for a “driver’s license number.”


In person

Customers who wish to have updated official MVC credentials instead of a confirmation letter that reflects an address change may do so by visiting a motor vehicle agency with 6 Points of ID, proof of address, and a credential change fee payment.  (Updated licenses and four year registration documents are $11 each; updated registration documents are $5.00).

Customers who respond to official MVC renewal notices for either driver's licenses, non-driver identification (ID) cards, or registrations will receive through the mail an updated credential reflecting any recently reported address change.  Please allow approximately two weeks for delivery.



Customers also have the option to mail in address change requests.   Mailed requests must include the following information:

  • A signed letter indicating the reason for the request, including the last address of record;
  • A copy of the driver’s license or non-driver identification (ID) card; and
  • Proof of new address in the form of a recent mailing, such as a utility bill. (This proof must be in the name of the person requesting the change).
  • Note: Email addresses will not be used or shared for solicitations.

Requests can be mailed to:

New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission
Database Corrections Unit
225 East State Street
PO Box 141
Trenton, NJ 08666