School Bus Inspections

MVC's School Bus Inspection Unit is responsible for inspecting all vehicles used for school transportation, including:
  • School buses
  • Small school vehicles
  • Dual-purpose vehicles
  • Summer camp vehicles registered in the state

Initial inspection

Initial inspections are required prior to issuance of license plates and registration. All school vehicles must be inspected by the MVC School Bus Inspection Unit.

To apply for S1 or S2 license plates and registration for the first time:

  • Title your vehicle at any Motor Vehicle Agency.
  • Contact the School Bus Inspection Unit at (609) 633-9473 to schedule an inspection. Established school bus companies and school districts can contact their assigned inspection teams.
  • After passing inspection, take Form SS-14 "Authorization to Issue School Bus License Plates" to any Motor Vehicle Agency to purchase license plates and registration.

Biannual inspection

Vehicles registered for school transportation are inspected twice a year. View a sample inspection checklist [213k pdf].

If you cannot make your scheduled inspection, you must notify the School Bus Inspection Unit in writing at least 24 hours prior to the inspection. Fax all notifications to (609) 984-9532

Any vehicle used to transport school children must comply with the inspection requirements, certified by displaying the MVC issued inspection sticker. If you do not display the sticker, your vehicle is subject to penalties and fines.

Unannounced inspections are performed monthly as part of the Governor’s School Bus Safety Task Force.

Use the related links on the right to find more information about school buses in New Jersey's Administrative Code.

Accident reporting

You must report an accident involving a School Bus within 72 hours to the School Bus Inspection Unit (609) 633-9473.

New Jersey Administrative Code (N.J.A.C) School Bus Regulations [pdf]

  • General School Bus Regulations 13:20-30.1
  • Out of Service Information 13:20-31.1
  • Specially Equipped Buses 13:20-49.1
  • Information for buses manufactured from 1993 to 2005 13:20-49A.1
  • Information for buses manufactured from January 1, 2006 and thereafter 13:20-50.1
  • Small School Vehicles 13:20-51.1
  • Insurance Requirements 13:20-52.1
  • Alternatively Fueled Vehicles 13:20-53.1