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Model Year and Reg. Term
Vehicle Type (and Rental)
Fee Reductions (if applicable)
Calculated Registration Fee
1 Model Year and Registration Term

1. Select the NEW vehicle's model year:
This year or next year's model
Last year's model
Two year old model

2. Will you own or lease this vehicle?
The vehicle will be purchased.
1-12 month lease.
13-24 month lease.
25-36 month lease.
37-48 month lease.

Note: Registration for a new passenger automobile that is leased will expire upon the expiration of the lease. The registration period for a leased automobile may not be more than 48 months. The registration fee will be calculated by rounding the lease term up to the next full year. For example, the fee for a 39-month lease will be calculated as a 48-month registration.