4 year reg    
Model Year and Reg. Term
Vehicle Type (and Rental)
3 Fee Reductions (if applicable)
Calculated Registration Fee
Fee Reductions

5. Are you eligible for Pharmaceutical Assistance to the Aged and Disabled (PAAD), Supplemental Security Income (SSI), or Lifeline?

Check if Yes, leave blank for No.

NOTE: Proof of eligibility is required to claim an exemption that will reduce your registration fee. If you answer yes here, the fee will be calculated at the reduced amount.

Senior Citizen or Handicapped Citizen Discount:
Fees for handicapped citizens and senior citizens 65 and older are $7 less per year than those of other registrants. The applicant must be the owner of the vehicle. You are only eligible for one of the discounts.

You may select option 6 or option 7 below.     Not both.

6. Do you have a Handicapped Identification Card and handicapped plate or placard issued by the NJ Motor Vehicle Commission?

Check if Yes, leave blank for No.

7. Select the age of the vehicle owner as of the last day of this month:

65 years of age or older
64 years of age
63 years of age
62 years of age
61 years of age or younger