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Give Wildlife A Lift


When you buy a $50 Conserve Wildlife license plate, you not only let everyone know you believe in conservation, but that you're doing something about it.

More than 80% of your payment goes directly toward preserving our state's endangered wildlife. That's crucial since the wildlife protection program is funded only by public contributions.

Revenues from license plate sales have already made a difference:

  • Bald eagle nests since 1982 have increased from one to 31
  • After a 30-year absence, the Peregrine Falcon has been restored as a breeding bird
  • An Osprey restoration project was so successful, the bird was removed from the state's endangered species list
  • Wetland habitats are now protected for endangered and threatened species, including the bog turtle, wood turtle and barred owl

Wildlife recreational opportunities are being expanded for you to enjoy.

All these achievements are crucial to wildlife survival. And all were accomplished thanks to public generosity. So come on. Order your plate today and give wildlife a lift.

Conserve wildlife.