A new motor vehicle type has been defined pursuant to P.L.2016, Chapter 35, designating certain three-wheeled motor vehicles as autocycles.

What is an autocycle?

All certified autocycles must be titled and registered in New Jersey and meet all relevant federal and State regulations and safety standards.

How to title and register an autocycle

To title and register your autocycle visit an MVC Agency with proof of insurance, title and registration fee payment and one of the following:

  • Manufacturer's Certificate of Origin (MSO or MCO)
  • New Jersey or out-of-state title
  • Registration and a notarized bill-of-sale from the previous owner with vehicle description and sale price (autocycles from non-titled states only)

If the manufacturer does not appear on the approved list, you or your dealer must provide all of the following:

  • A color photo of the NHTSA label
  • A color photo of the EPA Noise Emissions label
  • A color photo of the EPA Exhaust Emissions label
  • A color photo of the side of the autocycle

If your autocycle does not meet the minimum federal safety standards, you must contact the dealer or manufacturer.

If you do not have an MCO or if the autocycle has never been titled, contact (609) 292-6500 ext. 5064 for further instructions.

License plates and registration for autocycles

An autocycle will be registered for the same registration fee as a motorcycle.

An autocycle will be issued one small license plate that shall be displayed on the rear of the vehicle. All autocycles must be covered by liability insurance in accordance with New Jersey law.

Operator's license requirements

A valid basic driver license is required to operate an autocycle.  A motorcycle license or endorsement is not required.

An autocycle cannot be used to take the motorcycle or passenger vehicle skills test.

Seat belt and helmet requirements for autocycles

Autocycles must have seat belts for the operator and passenger. Children who are required to be in child restraint systems are not permitted as passengers.

New Jersey law requires helmets for the operator and all passengers. A helmet, reflectorized on both sides, with a neck or chin strap, is required for the driver and all passengers unless the autocycle is fully enclosed.  Goggles and a face shield are required for the driver and all passengers unless the autocycle has a windscreen meeting Federal Motor Vehicle Safety standards. Operators and passengers should check the helmet laws of the states in which they intend to travel.

Autocycle self-inspection

Although autocycles are not required to be inspected in New Jersey, it is the responsibility of the driver to make sure the autocycle is maintained free from mechanical defects and is in good operating condition.  Law enforcement may cite a driver for equipment that is non-compliant or for failure to make repairs.

What you need to know

Prior to mid - 2017, autocycles were issued a motorcycle license plate. Upon renewal they will be issued an autocycle plate. If you registered an autocycle prior to mid - 2017, you will be required, upon renewal, to surrender your motorcycle plate at an MVC agency to obtain your new autocycle plate.

Additional Information

Customers who currently own an autocycle that is registered with the MVC may obtain an updated registration and title along with a new autocycle license plate, upon surrender of their current motorcycle plate, by going to any MVC agency.  An updated registration and title and a new autocycle plate can be obtained prior to your renewal date.

Autocycle Frequently Asked Questions [pdf]