Collector Vehicles

There is a specific process to classify a vehicle as a collector vehicle.  The standards and application process are described below.


  • Collector Vehicles must:
  • Be a limited production vehicle or a vehicle made in limited quantities.
  • Be less than 25 years old.
  • Not be registered as a historic vehicle or a street rod.
  • Not be driven more than 3,000 miles per year.
  • Be insured as a limited use collector vehicle.
  • The Collector Vehicle Status Fact Sheet contains more detailed information.
  • A vehicle classified as a collector vehicle can be qualified for exemption from safety and emission inspection after the application process is completed.

Application Process

  • You must register through the MVC for collector vehicle status.  The initial process is completed only through the mail and will take approximately two weeks. 
  • Follow these steps to apply:
    • Complete the Application for Collector Vehicle Status.
    • Include a letter from the vehicle manufacturer, recognized car club or a collector organization confirming the vehicle’s limited production status.
    • Include proof of limited-use insurance.
    • Include photographs of front, both sides, and the rear of vehicle.
    • The collector vehicle approval letter is only required to be provided to the agency when initially registered as a collector vehicle. The letter is not required upon renewal, however, if a customer misses a collector renewal period they will need to re-apply for the collector status.
    • Mail the package to:

New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission
Collector Vehicle Status
I/M Support Unit
P.O. Box 680
Trenton, NJ 08666-0680

Once you receive an approval letter from the MVC, you may visit a motor vehicle agency to purchase a voucher for a special decal to make the vehicle exempt from safety and emission inspection. 

    • Bring the following with you:
      • The original letter with the raised seal;
      • The original application; and
      • The $25 fee.  The MVC accepts American Express® card, Visa® card, MasterCard® card, checks, money orders and cash.

For additional information on the collector vehicle classification, application process, or inspections exemption please call the MVC’s Division of Inspections at 609- 633-9474.