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Emission repair facility (ERF) registration

As part of the inspection program, the motorist whose vehicle fails emission inspection is required to have repairs performed at a New Jersey registered Emission Repair Facility or complete repairs themselves.

ERF qualifications
To register an Emission Repair Facility:
  • Applicants must be at least 18 years old
  • Facility must employ at least one certified Emission Repair Techician
  • All owners, partners or principal executive officers of a corporation or association of the business will be subjected to a criminal background check and child support background check

How to register an Emission Repair Facility
  • Complete a Emission Repair Facility application [pdf] and mail to:

    Motor Vehicle Commission
    Business Licensing Service Bureau
    P.O. Box 170
    225 East State Street
    Trenton, NJ 08666-0170

  • You and your business will be fully investigated after receipt of the completed application

How to apply for ERT certification

The Emission Technician Education Program (ETEP) establishes requirements to become a certified Emission Repair Technician (ERC). Visit the ETEP web page - NJ Department of Environmental Protection - for an application, list of approved training providers offering ETEP curriculum and the NJ-specific informational course.

There are two separate options, or tracks, for obtaining certification.
Track 1 – Test Option
  • Current and valid Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) certification:
    • A6 Electrical/Electronic Systems
    • A8 Engine Performance
    • A9 Light Vehicle Diesel Engines
    • L1 Advance Engine Performance Specialist
    • L3 Light Duty Hybrid Electric Vehicles
  • Successful completion of the New Jersey Specific Information Course or a New Jersey approved Inspector Training Course
Track 2 – Education Option
  • Successful completion of a state-approved ETEP training curriculum
  • Successful completion of the New Jersey Specific Information Course or an approved Inspector Training Course
Once you have completed Track 1 or 2 and the application approval process for the Department of Environmental Protection, you will be issued an ERT ID number. ERT certifications are valid for five years.

Emission repair electronic data transfer
With the implementation of the new program, the State will electronically capture emission repair data. All “ERF Only” facilities must have a computer with internet access to submit repair information on the New Jersey Vehicle Inspection Portal. All ERFs are responsible for maintaining a continuous internet connection for the remainder of the current contract - through May 2013 - and any subsequent contract extensions. You may use any Internet Service Provider (ISP) available in your area.

Access to New Jersey Vehicle Inspection Portal
Notify MVC by e-mail to NJMVCInspectionServices@dot.state.nj.us when you are ready to begin the portal registration process. You may send MVC an e-mail as soon as your internet connection is set up. All facilities must be registered with MVC no later than April 30, 2010.
Send e-mail with subject line "ERF Portal Registration Process" and a message including:
  • Emission Repair Facility ID number
  • Shop name
  • Address- street, city, state, zip
  • Shop owner's full name
  • Shop manager's full name (if different than owner)
  • Contact phone number
The State will grant access to the New Jersey Vehicle Inspection Portal only to the owners/managers of an ERF station. Once the MVC has received your email, instructions will be forwarded back to you on how to enroll additional users within the shop and how to use the system. The station owner/manager will be responsible for setting up the access for all certified Emission Repair Technicians working at their facility.

How to use the Vehicle Inspection Portal
Download the ERF Portal Instructions Manual [pdf]

Emission Repair Technicians will enter repair information using the Repair Data application. ERFs that are also Private Inspection Facilities (PIF) can access the Web portal on inspection workstations by choosing option 4, Utilities, on the main menu then select option 7 to Browse Internet.

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