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Tips and answers to frequently asked questions about myNewJersey are on our help page.

This page is for questions or issues related to myNewJersey accounts. If your issue is about a service that you reach after logging in to myNewJersey, you may save time and effort by contacting the people responsible for that service directly.

For example, if you can successfully log in to myNewJersey but are having difficulty with a Pensions service after that, you should use the "contact us" link on the Pensions page.

If your issue is not related to a myNewJersey account, please use the most appropriate link on our contacts page and send the information about the issue there.

In your message,

  • Please include the logon ID you're having trouble with
  • Do not include your social security number or password
  • If you used a nickname or spelled your name differently when you created your account, please give us that spelling
  • If you used a different email address when you created your account, please include that address
  • Tell us the online service you need help with
  • Provide as complete a description of the problem as you can

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